Horses in corral

Horses in corral

At 10 AM every morning we walk up to the corral to feed the horses. Usually the corral is empty when we arrive. But with in a few short moments we hear the sound of hooves running over the snow. Each horse stands at their post with their name plate and waits for us to hitch them up. We give each one half a five gallon bucket of grain and come back an hour later to let them loose. They file out of the corral and head toward a dense stand of spruce trees with a small stream running through it and then out on to the open river plain of ptarmigan valley.

At least that is the way it is suppose to go…



This is Coach and behind him is Mindy, they are both Norwegian Fjord Horses and perfect for Alaska’s cold, snowy climate. Fjords are known to be hardy, surefooted and long-lived. They also have spirited temperaments and big personalities, these two are no exception. They like to rile up their friends, eat each others food and stand in each other spots. They add a little spunk to morning feeding time.

Frosty nose

Frosty nose

Frosty noses are common especially on days like today when it is -20 degrees as we head up to the corral. The horses are often impatient for their food on cold days and can’t wait to eat so they can return to the relative warmth and protection of their spruce forest.


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