Chistmas Comes Early to Rainy Pass

It has been almost two weeks since our last airplane came for a visit to Rainy Pass Lodge. During that time the temperature has dipped down to almost -20 and back up to +20. We have had days of snow, of baking cookies and bread, playing with foxes and crystal clear nights with the moon shinning on us like a spotlight. Today Chuck, our pilot from Regal Air Service only stopped long enough to unload and load the plane. With him came lots of diesel to feed our generators and also gifts, cards and packages from home. It felt like Christmas as we unloaded the plane. We sent Chuck away with well wishes for the holiday and some cookies. He is a tough one to coax a smile from, but everyone likes cookies.

Plane on the way

Plane on the way

The sun is right behind Puntilla Mountain as the plane circles the lake before landing.

Regal Airplane

Regal Airplane

The airstrip was good according to Chuck, but too short. Tomorrows project: make the runway longer. That means we will be out early with the snowmobiles packing down the snow on the lake and adding more spruce bows as markers.





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