New Year brings New Snow

Packing the runway

Packing the runway

As a kid, there is little that rivals the sight of fresh snow falling in big, fat flakes and impeding travel plans, especially to school. That feeling does not go away when you become an adult. Waking up to lots of fresh powder with more falling rapidly from the sky still makes my heart surge with delight at the prospect of a snow day. A snow day. A day where one can stay in bed a little longer, lazily dress and spend the day alternating between sledding, making snowmen and drinking big mugs of hot chocolate.

Rainy Pass Lodge in snow

Rainy Pass Lodge in snow


Today we got about 8 inches of the good stuff. That definitely would have qualified for a snow day in my home town and I was getting ready for my snow day. My snow days don’t look quite like they did when I was a kid. Now, I still have to get up and feed the horses, break out trails and stack fire wood. But I did celebrate this snowy occasion by baking cookies, reading by the fire and taking a few runs on our sled…. just for old times sake.

Snowy Tree

Snowy Tree


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