Day 29

At last, we awoke to sunshine and blue sky instead of the gray, flat light of falling snow.



I went for a ski and followed some caribou tracks out towards Rainy Pass. I discovered beaver dams, snowshoe hare tracks and a silence only possible in winter. It was a pleasant 20 degrees and while the clouds were building back up, I could still see patches of blue hovering over the peaks in the distance. I stopped for a few moments to try and rewarm my hands and listened, straining my ears to hear some sign of the caribou I had been following. But alas, they were long gone, leaving only their deep tracks, and a trail for me to follow.

Tonight is a high activity night for the Aurora Borealis otherwise known as the Northern Lights. Our forecast does not look good, clouds with maybe some more snow for tonight and tomorrow. But many parts of the lower 48 might be able to see it including Colorado, Illinois and New England, possibly as far south as Boston. Be on the look out! The best times are around midnight to 4 AM. I will be up, camera ready, hoping that the clouds will part long enough for us to get a view.


One thought on “Day 29

  1. Hi Marianne, Keith here (Alice’s son). I am beyond jealous of your adventure. Because of my health issues, I usually stayed towards the conservative side. But if I were healthy, I think I would have been more adventurous, like you! When you say “we”, is Mr. Sky with you? Usually Grey I see. LOL I would love to talk with you. I have so MANY questions about what it’s all like. My email is my first & last name with no spaces It is just BEAUTIFUL there. Regards//Keith & Gizela

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