Meet the Ponies

We take care of 18 horses here at Rainy Pass Lodge. Each horse has their own distinct characteristics and personalty and that has been fun to learn as we get to know them better. But what is more interesting is watching them as a herd and learning the hierarchy. We are getting closer and closer each day to learning who is king of the Rainy Pass herd.



This is Squeaky. He is a small chestnut, with no white markings except for a very small star on his forehead. He is always a sweetheart with us and waits patiently for the other horses to stop kicking and biting each other so that he can walk calmly up to his post. Unfortunately, his quiet demeanor also means that he often gets picked on by some of the more dominant horses.



This is Moe. He is a Norwegian Fjord Horse and demonstrates well the characteristic thick build, the distinct coloration and two toned mane and tail. But he is a bit of a bully, and definitely pushes some of the other horses around. I can’t complain though because he is always nice and cooperative with us.



This is Ember and she is a medium-sized appaloosa. Ember is a very good looking horse, but she does not have as much fur as Moe. When it is cold, she seems to take it out on us and the other horses. But she is always good when I bring her carrots or apples.


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