Clear and Cold

Clear skies, lots of stars and a beautiful half moon last night but no northern lights. I was up at midnight, 2:30 and 4 AM but not one sign of the spectacular sun storm that was projected. Oh well.



Today we were greeted by clear, blue skies, -10 degree temperatures and sugary snow floating through the air sparkling like crystals. As the sun was cresting over round mountain, this fast moving freezing fog rolled in over Puntilla Lake. The fog was thick and obscured the sun for only a few minutes before rolling on over the lake, heading north up the river valley towards Rainy Pass. The sun was reflected through the fog and gave us multiple rainbows which hovered over the lake for a brief couple of minutes. While fleeting, rainbows are always a treat.

We had two visitors today. Two hardy iron dog snowmobilers training for the Iron Dog snow mobile race held in mid February. They fueled up here on gasoline and oil for their sleds and chocolate chip cookies and gatorade for their stomachs. With electrical tape on their faces to protect their skin from frostbite, and white bunny boots on their feet, they took off south back toward the big city of Anchorage.


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