Another View

This view never gets old. Each time I see those mountains light up behind the horse corral I am eager to climb a little higher to get a better view (as long as it is not -20 degrees that is).

Pink Mountains

Pink Mountains

We watched 5 caribou prance across the lake this morning. The caribou are my first sighting of a large mammal since I got here. There were 3 males and 2 females. Caribou are the only member of the deer family (Cervidae) in which both sexes grow antlers. However, the bulls have very large antlers with many points, where the females have smaller and more slender antlers. During the spring, summer and fall they perfer to live in the treeless tundra munching on the many flowers, shrubs and green grasses. But this time of year they heard up together in large bands and spend most of their time in the boreal forest areas looking for lichens. They stay together and migrate depending on food availability and then they head to the same calving grounds each spring to have their young.

I have seen their tracks many times so far this season heading north towards rainy pass and I hope we get a chance to see them again. Maybe a little closer, so I can get a picture.



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