Ski Lessons

I packed my backpack, filled my water bottle and some extra clothes and ventured out on my skis with the intent of climbing this ridge on the other side of Puntilla Lake. T did it yesterday on his back country skis and I figured I would just ski in his tracks, no problem. However, I learned some important things about cross country skis today.

1. They do not float on top of the snow, they sink. I spent most of the time sunk into 2+ feet of powdery snow unable to see the ski tips or change direction.
2. When the skis did stay on top of the snow, the fish scales on the bottom of the skis did nothing to keep me from slipping down the tracks to where I started.
3. Cross country ski bindings are not tough enough to withstand being dragged though 2+ feet of snow.

Lesson: cross country skis are no match for back country skis with skins.

The View

The View

I did manage to take this one picture from the high point of the day. Tomorrow we try the snow shoes.


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