It has been a quiet few weeks here at Rainy Pass but we have had a few hardy visitors. Most of them have come via snowmobile and are training for the Iron Dog Snowmobile race, the world’s longest and toughest snowmobile race. Racers ride from Wasilla to Nome and then back east to Fairbanks, over 2,000 miles though some of Alaska’s wildest terrain. All the participants race in pairs and have a team number. So far we have met veteran teams number 10, 16 and 23 and rookie team number 9.

The race starts on February 14 and 16 and we are a check point where racers can rest, get something to eat or just warm up. We will be hosting a full house of guests for the weekend and hopefully some racers will layover as well. Until then, every weekend we expect to see some racers out training, learning the course and breaking out the trail.

Learn more about this interesting event:


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