Wintery mix

These are the worst sort of days. Warm (30s), windy and some sort of wintery mix is falling from the sky. It is not exactly rain or sleet or snow but it is wet and cold and makes me want to stay inside all day. The horses hate it too, I can tell. I go up to feed them and they are all soaked and huddled under trees while water drips from their noses and off their manes.

Rainy Window

Rainy Window

I did not do much today and I am going to blame it on the weather. Sometimes weather like this is a good excuse not to do anything. But with this sort of weather in the forecast for all of next week I am going to have to buck up, get my rain gear out and figure out what the best outdoor recreation is for sleet.

We had two hardy iron dog snowmobilers in this morning, a father and son team (#6). They helped us out by getting the fire going while I brewed up some coffee. We sat around a bit talking about the upcoming race and all the competitors (who all seem to know each other and are all either buddies or enemies). They tried to dry out their gear with out much success. Then took off back towards Anchorage, in this weather no one is able to move further up the valley due to river overflow and open areas. Hopefully colder temperatures and some powder will be on the way soon. Snowmobiling for hours, though this terrain is tough enough with out being soaking wet.


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