Fueling up

We got a fuel delivery today. Unlike home, simply filling up on gasoline is not as easy as going to the pump.

Fuel Barrels

Fuel Barrels

We bring 55 gallon drums down to the lake in a sled attached to our snow mobile. Barry, our pilot from Denali Air arrives and lands on our packed down runway. We then move the barrels up to the plane. He opens the doors and reveals a huge, square plastic container holding 180 gallons of gasoline. He then systematically takes out his battery operated pump and hose while we take the lids off our barrels. He fills each one, packs up his pump and is back in his plane heading for home in about 15 minutes. This is where the real work for us begins. We have to wrestle each barrel into the sled and haul them up to the fuel shed one by one. I don’t know how much these things weight but they are not light. We then pump a lot of gasoline by hand into small containers to sell. When all these smelly chores are done, we come back to our small cabin, make some dinner, take some vitamin I and usually take an inadvertent nap in front of the fire.


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