January Thaw

It has been a week now of above freezing temperatures during the day. The snow is solid and icy in the mornings and slushy and soft in the afternoons. The horse corral is an ice rink, there is over flow on our lake and I can not get anywhere in my bunny boots with out falling on my butt. This is not suppose to happen yet.

Pussy willow I

Pussy willow I

pussy willow II

pussy willow II

The weather has been so warm that even our willow tress are confused. Many species of willow here in Alaska grow catkins covered with a very soft grey fur in early spring. These furry catkins appear long before leaves and are one of the earliest signs of spring. However, we are not even close to spring. We have a snowmobile race in two weeks, a ski race and the Iditarod to run before we can get ready for spring. So while I enjoy that we only need one load of wood per day and that I do not have to thaw the oil in the kitchen before using it, we need a little more winter. Bring back the cold, please.


One thought on “January Thaw

  1. Do not worry I am flying home tomorrow and I see the tempratures are already falling North of Fairbanks..Hopefully it will continue when I get out to the cabin.

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