Day 48

A light dusting of snow last night, with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees and a little sunshine make for a very fine day here in the Alaska mountains.



We had three planes drop by, yes that’s right three! Two were small, fabric planes and held one person apiece. They were out for a joy ride and thought they would just drop in for a short visit. After a few pleasantries about the fine weather and some coffee, they were off again. This afternoon a larger plane called an Otter from Talkeetna Air Taxi pulled up at our door with a delivery of gasoline in preparation for the Iron Dog Snowmobile race. They dropped 6, 55 gallon drums and we will need 24. That is a lot of gasoline and a lot of deliveries. They said they would be back tomorrow with more.

I went for a snowshoe this afternoon as well to celebrate the firm (but not scary icy) walking conditions, pleasant weather and to get my body moving. It is too easy to be lazy here and I need to capitalize on any opportunities to get outside for long stretches. In a few weeks we will be busy catering to the hoards of people and snowmobilers who will be buzzing by.


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