Life goes on…

T said it better than I could have and he has a better picture. I am learning that taking pictures in the dark and cold is not as easy as I once thought. I am hoping for a few more chances to capture this beautiful light show. It truly was an amazing experience, standing on the ice watching as the sky lit up and moved in curtains of colors.


It has been a rough couple of days. Loosing Major was a difficult experience.

Not to forget, but we shall move on.

Soul food, watching the spectacular opening of the Olympic Games diverted our thoughts for a while.

Out of curiosity we checked softservenews for Aurora activity. We had been searching the skies for the Northern Lights many months now without much luck. Many things need to fall in place: Clear skies, no moon, no clouds, and off course borealis activity. Last night everything came together.

Around midnight we walked out on the ice. No wind, -8°F, clear skies, increasing moon, and there it was.

Northern Lights above Rainy Pass Lodge

Moving curtains of mostly green light, waving, moving.

Then there were spikes and needles of green light shooting across the sky.

Lots of green, some yellow, some orange, maybe a hint of purple?

I did not expect the light show to be that lively.


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