Return to cold

Today was one of those days that I did not want to go outside. When we awoke it was -17 outside and 37 inside. I could see my breath as we hurried to get the fire going. I wore my coat for most of the morning and prepared my coffee in my snow pants. In the beginning this was a novelty, now it is just cold.

B&W ice

B&W ice



At least now we get lots of sunlight compared to when I first got here. The added sunlight gives as a boost of mood lifting vitamin D and spends several hours of each day shining directly into our front windows. This direct sun significantly warms our little cabin during the brightest parts of the day and helps to thaw us out on icy days like today.

We are also experiencing a nice temperature swing, where it is around 0 at the warmest part of the day and -20 at the coldest. This is in sharp contrast to December, when there was only a couple of degrees difference between the warmest and coldest parts of the day and night. The temperature differentiation is causing the snow to transform into all kinds of interesting shapes and configurations.

Tomorrow is not suppose to be too much warmer. But I have crocheting to do, bread to bake and Olympics to watch so I am perfectly content sitting inside by the fire.


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