Rainy Pass Lodge has been invaded by snowmobilers, irondog checkers and RPL staff. It is the most people I have seen in one place in two months and even though the head count here is only at 12 it feels to me like a small city. The count will probably double tomorrow and then triple on Friday night.

We were busy all day warming cabins, turning on water, stacking firewood and making a lot of cookies and gatorade (official food of irondog snowmobilers). It was tough to watch as the place we have called home for the past two months got transformed from a cozy home to a fully functioning lodge. No more licking my fingers when I cook or walking around in my underwear or leaving my coat by the door; it time for some actual work.

The lodge

The lodge

But there is always time to sneak away for a quick picture.


2 thoughts on “Invasion

  1. Like the picture on today’s posting many look like they are being captured by a photojournalist… Thank you for sharing the beauty.

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