Happy Valentine’s Day

This is Coach and Moe…

Coach and Moe 1

Coach and Moe 1

Sometimes they like to get close…

Coach and Moe 2

Coach and Moe 2

and cuddle.

Coach and Moe 3

Coach and Moe 3

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to appreciate the love in your life, whether that love is from friends, family, ponies or puppies. Valentine’s day sometimes gets a bad rap due to the pressure to buy yet another gift for loved ones or to plan something extra special. But at the end of each day, we all just want to feel loved and appreciated. I know Moe is happy with a just a little nuzzle or a nibble behind his ear. He does not need any roses or hearts of candy. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from our ponies.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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