Iditarod is still coming

It is official, the 2014 Iditarod will be restarting in Willow as usual. That means that Rainy Pass Lodge will remain a checkpoint and we will get a chance to witness first hand the last great race. The Iditarod committee scared us the past few weeks by suggesting that the race may start in Fairbanks and take a northern route to Nome due to low snow levels and poor trail conditions. That route would have bypassed Rainy Pass. However, the decision was made Monday to stick to the historical route.

The preparations began today with the arrival of the all volunteer Iditarod air force.



Ten different little planes arrived today in quick succession.



We unloaded the cargo which consisted of large feed bags, each one with the name of one musher scrawled across the front and several bales of hay. The hay will be used for bedding for the dogs during their short layover here on Puntilla Lake.

Iditarod Air Force

Iditarod Air Force

The Iditarod Air Force has their work cut out for the them. Over the next ten days, they need to deliver thousands of pounds of cargo to twenty different checkpoints. Keep up with their progress and with race when it starts on March 1st at


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