Oh man, 15 staff, 5 dogs, 3 new snowmobiles and 1 hot dog stand and we are almost ready for the biggest event of the year here at Rainy Pass Lodge. The Iditarod staff has set up their check point with their vets, and communications staff. We have the wine chilling for the wine tasting, the cabins are heated and the hay is on the lake ready for the dogs who will use it as their beds. The mushers cabin is full of drop bags with the mushers names on them and we have enough food in the basement to feed a small army.

We had an “employee” meeting tonight which is really just a Perrins family meeting with T and I being the only paid staff present. We all have jobs to do over the next few days but mostly, we are told, it will be organized chaos. Why bother with a schedule if it is all going to get crazy anyway right? Thats alright, no schedule makes it easier for me to escape to get closer to the action, take lots of pictures and talk to the mushers.



Good thing Remington does not need to pull a sled. He likes to hang out in the kitchen with me and wait for me drop a piece of ham.


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