Weathered In

I had never heard the term “weathered in” before coming to Alaska. But here it is common place to get stuck in a place until the weather clears and that is exactly what has happened here today. Fourteen people were suppose to fly out of the lodge and head back to town this morning. But when we got up and saw the snow falling steadily and the visibility less then a mile across the lake, we knew they were not going anywhere.

In fact we did not think we would see any planes today until one of the kids came running in and said he saw a small plane overhead. We said that can’t be the weather is terrible for small planes today because they fly by visibility alone, they have no instruments to help them navigate. But sure enough with in a few minutes we had two small bush planes landing on the lake in front of the lodge. Turns out they are part of the Iditarod Air Force and did not realize how bad the weather was on this side of Rainy Pass. They were very happy to see our airstrip and even happier to learn we had a hot meal and warm beds for them tonight. We are always happy to provide shelter for anyone stranded out here but especially to a group of volunteer pilots. So the more the merrier is the slogan for tonight. We are up to 28 people and the snow is not suppose to end until Thursday. I hope no one has anything important planned!

dinner time in the lodge

dinner time in the lodge

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. – John Lennon


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