Great Escape

All our guests made their escape today. Some were thankful to finally make it back to work and their real lives and some wished that the forced vacation would last a little longer. When we awoke bright sunshine was shining out from several large holes in the clouds and our stranded pilots wasted no time in warming up their planes. From the kitchen I spotted one of the pilots running across the lake towards his plane as the sun burst through the clouds. I think he was a little anxious to capitalize on the break in the weather.

After breakfast Regal Air flew in and picked up 5 people, then an hour late another plane picked up 4 more and the last plane of the day took 6 people and 1 dog. That leaves us with just 8 people here at the lodge. As I write this the clouds have closed back in, the snow is once again beating against the windows and the wind is howling across Puntilla Lake. Good thing everyone escaped while they could, because it looks like we are in for another storm and who knows how long it will be before another plane will venture out to Rainy Pass Lodge.

Gus says good-bye

Gus says good-bye to our smallest guest


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