Dan and dog

A lone skier is making the 350 mile trek from Willow to MaGrath. With him is his trusty dog, Sky. Together they have covered about 165 miles over the course of four days. He lingered here just long enough to warm up a bit, eat some fresh cookies and have a cup of coffee. His goal for tonight is to make it up to Rainy Pass proper and down the into Dazell Gorge before night fall, almost 35 miles from here. Then hopefully stay in the public use Rohn cabin tonight, where he can have a fire and thaw out a bit after a long cold day in the snow.

Dan and dog

Dan and dog

He only plans to be on the trail for about 7-10 days. In his pack among other things is food enough for 12 days, a -40 degree sleeping bag and a bivy sack and it weighs in at about 75 lbs. Not bad really for all the gear one needs to travel in the winter in Alaska. Glad we are here to meet and support Dan and the many adventurers we have met this winter. They all inspire me.


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