Splitting Spruce

Most of the cabins plus the main lodge are all heated primarily with wood stoves. We have some diesel stoves and a few propane but wood is the most important fuel for heating. It is a lot of work to ensure we have enough wood to make it though the winter and long wet spring, so everyone pitches in. First, Buckey and Steve cut dead trees out in a woodlot about 3 miles away. Those logs are cut into pieces and hauled back to the lodge with snow machines where we split and stack them at each cabin. This job just got a whole lot harder this past week when we broke our hydraulic wood splitter. Now we are splitting by hand.

T splitting

T splitting

T & T splitting

T & T splitting

Denise was reminiscing about the days when they had no hydraulic wood splitter here at the lodge and it was all done by hand. They must have been in great shape by the end of the season because this is hard work and we go through a ton of wood. Part of the reason go we through so much is because we are burning spruce. Spruce is a soft wood which burns quickly and not very hot. I was spoiled by all the hardwoods we have in New England. Here in Alaska we make do with what we have and all we have is spruce. Hopefully we get that splitter fixed soon because at this rate we might have a pretty chilly end of winter.


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