Return Trip to Rainy Pass

Another picture perfect day. It has been almost two weeks since we have seen more than a few high clouds. Everyday has been bright sunshine and almost no wind; perfect for adventures out to other camps.

So today we made another trip to the rainy pass cabin to drop off hunting supplies and firewood. We must stock the camps now even though hunting season does not start until September because it is much easier and faster to get around now, on the snow than it will be when the snow melts. During the summer or fall it is a 9 hour horseback ride to get to this cabin, in the winter on snow machine it took us 1 1/2 hours.



Me and Rainy Pass Cabin

Me and Rainy Pass Cabin

Rainy Pass Cabin

Rainy Pass Cabin

It is a simple log building with a barrel wood stove, a small loft and a two burner coleman fuel cook stove. It is now supplied with two loads of firewood, 300 lbs of horse feed, coleman fuel, 5 gal of gasoline and misc canned food. Inside are the names and dates of many of the people who have visited the cabin over the years by either snowmachine, fat tire bikes, skis or on horseback. There are caribou antlers, sheep horns, squirrel skulls, bullet shells and other evidence that remind us we are at a hunters camp. There are also the outlines of some huge brown bear prints left by a bear that broke into the cabin a few springs ago. Now to protect the cabin, is a board out front with nails sticking up. I am glad we did not meet up with any bears today, but soon they will be emerging from their dens, hungry from their long winter slumber and that unprotected horse feed will probably smell pretty good.


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