A moment

Sometimes the mountains only show themselves for a moment. Hopefully you are watching, paying attention otherwise you miss it.

Puntilla in the clouds

Puntilla in the clouds

I have my plane ticket, I am actually leaving this place soon. In ten short days I will be leaving Rainy Pass Lodge for the first time in over 4 months. I will be headed back to Anchorage, then to Seattle, Chicago, New York and then Maine. Back to friends, family, Chinese take out, female company, cars and bowling. Where there will be other sorts of entertainment besides cards, something on the ground besides snow and where long underwear is not required for leaving the house. Where heat can be turned on with a flip of a switch, electricity is automatic and I do not have to cook every meal.

Wow. I hope I am ready.

But most of all I hope I took in as much of this experience as I could, because just like most other experiences, it seems to have gone by in just a moment.


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