Marsh Strip

We took a short trip out to one of our last camps today. This camp is yet to be built. Right now it is nothing  but a faint snowmachine trial leading to a pile of supplies. We picked up our markers as we left and it is likely know one will be back to this pile until July when Stevie will build a tent cabin for hunting season. In July it will take 10 hours on horse back to do what we did today in 2.

The light was very flat today. It was difficult to see where the ground ended and the sky began. That meant we could not see the bumps in the trail which resulted in the repeated spilling, dumping and rolling of our trailers.

Travis leading the way

Travis leading the way

clearing skies

clearing skies

As usual the open tundra provided sweeping vistas of the surrounding mountains. The sun came out for just a quick few minutes and warmed our faces. The wind kept fairly quiet and allowed us the pleasure of taking our time unloading our trailers. A moose surged out from the surrounding forests and clumsily ran deeper into the spruce to get away from our rude intrusion into his quiet home. When we rounded a bend on the river we were surprised to just catch a lynx leisurely trotting across our trail. We all looked at each other and smiled. It was a good day.


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