New York, NY

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

From Anchorage, AK to Seattle, WA to Chicago, IL to New York, NY. It has been a long road to say the least. In a week I have transitioned from a population of 5 to a population of 5 million, from snow and ice to brightly colored spring flowers and the smell of freshly cut grass, from the simplicity of remote living to the overly complicated “real world”. This transition has not been bad. In fact I am still enjoying the plethora of choices for food in the supermarket, the feel of my bare feet in the grass and the warm breezes of spring. I love that I just ate arugula last night in my salad and that today I can call friends and family and actually see them tonight. Amazing.

Of course I miss the lodge and all of my human and animal companions there. But I am happy to report that I might have learned something from this experience. I feel that I appreciate things a little more, that I am more observant, maybe a little quicker to listen instead of talk and that I can relax maybe a bit easier when faced with the stress of everyday ups and downs. I hope so anyway.

Lone Tulip

Lone Tulip



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