I have been here less than a week and already I feel the power of this place and of the camp community.

Our first day of guide training on the park road and it was perfect. It was sunny, temperatures in the 60s, no bugs (yet) and the Alaska Range was stunning in all its spring time glory.

Alaska Range in Reflection Pond

Alaska Range in Reflection Pond

We had great wildlife sightings all day including over 25 different species of birds, mostly waterfowl and shore birds. A lot of these spring time birds are only here for a short time on their way north to their nesting locations. But while they are here we get to enjoy their beautiful spring plumage and interesting courtship behaviors.

Bear on the road

Bear on the road

We were also treated to moose, Dall sheep and bear sightings. This grizzly bear slowly ambled down the park road in front of our van for quite a while before eventually laying down for a nap, conveniently in front of Denali.

Napping Bear

Napping Bear

This bear looks great for a spring time bear that probably emerged from its den not too long ago. He was not a particularly large grizzly but because of the absence of cubs, we guessed it to be a young male bear. He was  unconcerned with our presence and continued to dig around for roots while we observed him from the safety of the van. It is such a treat to see these impressive animals so close and observe them in their world.


3 thoughts on “Denali

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  2. Your were quite fortunate to have the bear in the same frame as Denali. You photographs are amazing the clarity and color depth are worthy of lithographs, and I say this as the father of a professional cameraman.

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