Back on the blog

I finally have my computer back and can now return to sharing my stories and pictures of Alaska. A lot has happened since I abandoned my story.

We saw a blizzard in June cover us and the park in 6 inches of fresh snow.

snowy row boat

snowy row boat

Then he had a 100 year flood, over 3 inches of rain fell on the Wonder Lake area in under 24 hours (we only get 12 a year). Our driveway temporarily became a creek over which, our buses could not go. Eureka creek became a raging torrent and washed out the road to Kantishna and the inlet into wonder lake was flowing over the park road. We were stuck and the Denali Backcountry Lodge had to be evacuated. Very exciting but short and things were back to normal in just a few days thanks to a lot of handwork from all the lodge staff, the park service and the state road crew who came in to rebuild the road.

I spent an unbelievable night at a hut high on camp ridge where I went to sleep to this view and awoke to a fog so thick we had to navigate down.

pika hut

pika hut

and lastly an amazing night of alpenglow enjoyed to the tune of a canoe paddle.

view from the canoe

view from the canoe

Between all of these occasions there has been volleyball, lots of mosquitoes, wildflowers coming and going, demanding guests and wonderful ones too. Still loving my Alaskan home.


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