Final Wave

The bus pulled out of the parking lot one final time for most of the summer 2014 seasonal staff on September 14.  It was a bittersweet moment for most of us; it was a great summer, devoid of mosquitos, full of mountain views, tundra lounges and costume parties; gregarious guests, dynamic staff and new and old relationships. But such is the life for the seasonal employee. Always on the move, leaving one spectacular place for another; leaving these friends for others not yet known and always relearning that when one door closes another is bound to open up somewhere…

Many of us have winter plans full of travel, visiting friends or family or winter employment. I do not know where I will be headed or what new doors I will be traveling through. I am just happy now that I will be able to return here next summer, to this lovely place full of these great people.

the final wave good bye

the final wave good bye


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