From Mexico to Belize to Guatemala

This trip began on the hotel lined beaches of Cancun, Mexico. While those beaches are unbelievably beautiful, the throng of gringos quickly pushed us down the coast to Tulum where we found like minded people,  cheap camping and mayan ruins to explore.


From there we explored more Mayan ruins including Chitzen Itza and Coba, and got some more modern Mexican culture in the colonial town of Merida. Street tacos, overflowing produce at the open air markets and free music in the plaza each night were the highlights for us here.

Onward to Belize where we hung our hammocks on Caye Caulker for a week to enjoy scuba diving, the Caribbean vibe and the go slow culture, as the locals reminded us.


We traveled across Belize to Guatemala and ultimately landed here in Antigua. As the old capital of Guatemala, Antigua is filled with lovely colonial architecture. The walls in the city are covered by over flowing flower boxes, and a drop of rain has yet to fall on us here in a month. Surrounded by volcanos and green, rolling hills, Antigua has both an international feel and small town charm.


We have been taking spanish lessons at one of the many spanish schools and I already have more respect for those learning a new language in a new country. It is easier in a lot of ways to be surrounded by the language you want to learn, but it is also a constant reminder of how far you have yet to go.


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